Introducing Flow Vibrate

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Coming soon for personal use and during our facials & Flowpresso treatments! Retail price $85

Advanced Bio Sonic Technology to support lymphatic drainage of the face and neck area

The benefits of Flow Vibrate

  • Improves skin appearance
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Supports the elimination of toxins and fluids, making your face look thinner
  • Supports the increase of blood flow to the face and neck area
  • Encourage sinus drainage
  • Improves drainage of the head and neck area

How does Flow Vibrate support lymphatic drainage?
Flow Vibrate supports lymphatic drainage of the neck and face, using advanced bio sonic technology and techniques (as shown in our video below).

In order to move lymphatic fluid it requires muscle contractions (such as the contraction of the heart when it pumps). The vibration delivered by this bio sonic technology, creates these muscular contractions.

The vibrating waves bring you benefits, from de-puffed under-eyes to releasing tension in muscles and connective tissues of the face, neck and head, which in turn reduces stress and improves facial contouring.

Oh, and it feels extra-good on those tight facial muscles.