Please note that you must complete a WAIVER if you are booking your first appointment online.
**After two no-shows we reserve the right to refuse future service without prepayment.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Cash, Check, Credit Card. We do not accept insurance.We do not accept Spa Week or any other 3rd party gift cards.

Rescheduling Guidelines and Late Policy: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY
A 24-hour rescheduling notice is required. We realize emergencies happen and will be considered, but reserve the right to charge a $50.00 fee for missed appointments without 24-hour notice. If you are late we cannot guarantee that we will able to fit your appointment into the schedule and you may not be seen. If we cannot fit you in there will be a $50 fee charged for the missed appointment.

If you continually miss your appointment you will be charged a full price fee.

Skin Care FAQ

What type of skin are your facials for?
Our facials are for men, women & teens of any skin type.
We offer prepaid packages for all facials- buy 5 receive the 6th free.

Some of our services broken down include the following:

Deep Cleansing– Acne/ blackheads & congestion

Basic Facial– no frills- massage or extraction you choose.  For all skin types customized.

Calming Facial– for sensitive skin using Hale & Hush Products.

NEW! Acne Clearing Facial System by Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist Lisa Primps

Microdermabrasion– advanced exfoliation with addictive glow. For all but aging/ sensitive

Hydrafacial– Advanced addictive treatment for restorative results.  Anti Aging & Dry skin. Not for Sensitive skin.

Oxygen Facial– The Duchess’s Secret!

Ultrasonic Infusion– calming hydrating restorative gentle infusion. Breaks up the water molecules in product & serums to push benefits deep into the skin’s deeper layers.

LED– Advanced treatment for a variety of skin concerns-each color treats different concerns:

  • Blue- Acne
  • Red- Anti Aging (For fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Purple- For sensitive aging skin
  • Amber/yellow- Scar tissue, healing surgical scars, cellulite​
  • White – Absorption Normal skin
  • Green – Brown spots

    Hair-Loss FAQ

    What is a Trichologist?​
    We are hair and scalp specialists who diagnose the causes of hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturization of hairs, diseases of the scalp and treat according to cause.

    How long have you been a Trichologist?
    I became a Trichologist October 2016. I first studied to become a Hair Loss Specialist  December 2015 in Latham, NY and bought my low level laser therapy unit to start my business for Hair Restoration. I then became a hair loss practitioner in the spring of 2016. I was awarded Hair Loss Practitioner of the year in 2017 by the United States Trichologist Association.

    What made you decide to become a Trichologist?
    I begin to experience hair loss as a teenager so I understand firsthand what it is like for someone to experience the embarrassment and low self-esteem of having thinning hair. I have researched since my teens about Hair Loss, DHT and how it miniaturizes the hair follicles. I’ve tried many products on the market but never felt I figured it out until I saw an ad online to become a Trichologist.

    In addition to this certificate I have extra knowledge with my unique extensive training and 25 years experience of foods to avoid that can cause acne in the first place- excess sebum can be controlled through diet and lifestyle adjustments. There are other helpful tips I cannot wait to share with you, including a thorough consultation to get to the true cause of your hair loss including microscopic images of your scalp to analyze its health. We are the first and only Hair Restoration Clinic in Fairfield County with the title of Hair Loss Practitioner of 2017!

    Call today to book your complimentary consultation and 2 free laser sessions- a $399 value!

    Electrolysis FAQ

    How does it work?
    There is a very fine disposable probe that slides into the hair follicle until we reach the bottom. You do not feel this. We then step on the peddle of our machine, delivering a 10th of a second of alternating current which feels like a quick warm sensation to cauterize (kill) the dermal papilla- also known as the hair root. The destroyed hair then is removed with a sterilized pair of forceps.

    Does it hurt?
    It is a quick warm buzz. Some people that are more sensitive find applying a numbing cream an hour before their appointment helps. We carry this for your convenience & you can purchase to apply before your session.

    How long will it take?
    This is everyone’s question & there is no way to know for sure, aside from an educated guess based on many factors- The amount of  hair you have to clear, if you’ve tweezed/ waxed/threaded/ or had laser that stimulated the hair rather than removed it,  People with abnormal menstrual periods, hormonal imbalances, PCOS, Medical side effects, heredity & more can affect how much you have.

    Compliance is key. If you decide to have electrolysis done – the more you commit to get it cleared as advised & follow up as needed to keep it clear ensure your success. No more tweezing! This set you back & causes stronger roots & additional growth. We offer savings packages where you can save 10-15% by prepaying.

    Can I return to work after a treatment?
    Yes! We carry an excellent products called Oxygenetics which conceals the redness well enough to ensure our clients can pop in for a short lunch appointment.