Fit Body Wraps

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Learn how our infrared sauna wrap can aid in weight loss and improve wellness.

Each FIT Body Wrap Session includes a complimentary Sanitary Disposable FIT Coat, water bottle  & sampling of Freedom Deodorant to freshen up after.  (view ingredients)

The FIT RX Accelerator Base & Concentrate Additives can be Custom Blended to suit each clients needs. 

****Our introductory special price includes a complimentary 1st additive honoring our 30th anniversary sale.  

Choices are :  Exfoliating – Tightening – Weight Loss – Detox – Anti Aging 

 Additional Concentrates are $5 each.  


FIT Bodywrap managed to produce the most effective, reliable, and comfortable infrared sauna wrap system. You can enjoy watching Netflix or listen to relaxing music during your FIT Bodywrap session. 

When it comes to far infrared heat therapy, a closer heat source means deeper heat penetration to the body and greater benefits. Being the over-achievers that we are, we designed our infrared sauna wrap with flexible carbon fiber heating elements. This means that all 19 of the FIT Bodywrap’s infrared emitters contour to the body for 360 degrees of luxurious, encapsulating far infrared heat.

The best part? Unlike an infrared sauna, which has emitters placed within the walls of the cabin, the FIT Bodywrap’s heat source lays directly on top of the body. This allows the infrared rays to penetrate the body up to 1.5 inches for maximum direct infrared immersion, delivering the greatest possible benefits.

Intro Rates Now-Mothers Day 2022:

$99.00 – Single Session

$420.00 – Pack of 5 Sessions  ($84.00 per session) with free 2 oz spray $19.99 value 

$790.00 – Pack of 10 Sessions ($79.00 per session)  w/ your choice of  8 oz free FIT Booster Spray or 8 oz FIT Radiance Complex  $49 value

FIT Body Wrap Regular Rates after Mother’s Day 2022:

$100.00 – Single Session

$475.00 – Pack of 5 ($95.00 per session) with free 2 oz spray $19.99 value 

$900.00 – Pack of 10 ($90.00 per session) w/ your choice of  8 oz free FIT Booster Spray or 8 oz FIT Radiance Complex  $49 value

FIT RX Body Wrap Add-Ons (view ingredients)

1 additive –       $10.00

2 additives –     $15.00

3 additives –     $20.00

4 additives –     $25.00

5 additives –     $30.00

Infrared Influencers
The many benefits of infrared immersion have caused this wellness powerhouse to receive celebrity attention from the Kardashians, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Aniston, who specifically uses infrared sauna treatments to wind-down after a workout.

Sweating is Trending
Instagrammers are proving that sweat is something to work toward and be proud of. #sweat, #sweating, #sweaty, #sweatyselfie, #sweatsesh – these five hashtags feature over 15 million posts on Instagram alone. Tap into this growing trend by offering a safe, natural, relaxing way to break a sweat.