Permanent Cosmetics

Michael Katz Miche Permanent Makeup & Microblading

WAKE UP BEAUTIFUL EVERYDAY with MICHE PERMANENT COSMETICS! Now you can have beautiful, natural looking eyebrows, eyes, and lips everyday, 24/7! Artfully performed by MICHAEL KATZ, a Certified Technician and Instructor for the American Academy of Micropigmentation with 19 years of experience. We are proud to now introduce the latest in eyebrow technology: 3D MICROBLADING, and partially filled MICROSHADING, a very new technique of adding hair strokes that looks as natural as your own hair! Also offered are natural looking EYELASH ENHANCEMENT, giving an everyday definition that makes your eyes “pop” and EYELINER which is more of a makeup look. Finally, we can restore your natural LIP LINE to a crisp beautiful line, or do a FULL LIP procedure that will add more definition, pigment, and luster to your lips. Call today for a complimentary consultation or to book your procedure.

PROCEDURE                                                             PRICE

Eyebrows – filled in                                                   $ 600.00

Microblading/Microshading                                     $ 800.00


Eyeliner/Eyelash Enhancement

Upper                                                                          $ 400.00

Lower                                                                          $ 400.00

Upper and Lower                                                       $ 600.00


Lip Liner                                                                     $ 600.00 

Full Lips                                                                      $ 850.00


TOUCH UPS                                                                $ 400.00

Eyebrow                                                                      $ 400.00

Eyes                                                                            $ 400.00

Lip Liner                                                                      $ 400.00

FULL LIPS                                                                   $ 600.00




Miche Permanent Cosmetics

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