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8 Knutek treatments with dermacycling
Beofre & After of 8 Knutek treatments with dermacycling- Non Invasive, amazing results!



To order yours email us , CAll us 203-325-9565 or order on our onling Gift Certificate Page found on our Website!


SAve an additional $20 on any Electrolysis Package!

15 min $45 each. Series of 5 Regular price $202.50 you pay $182.50.

30 min $70 each. Series of 5 Regular price $315 you pay $295.

45 min $85 each. Series of 5 Regular price $382.50 you pay $362.50

60 min $100 each. Series of 5 Regular price $450 you pay $430

OxyMicroderm Infusion

A delightful treatment combining both microdermabrasion technique and the use of
the O2 infusion. A concentrated Nano Oxygen Plasma serum is infused into the skin by
pressured oxygen. The oxygen mist & Oxygen Masque is then applied onto the skin. This treatment
empowers the skin to be energized, produce its own collagen & Elastin.
60 minutes Regular Price $175 EACH, Special Sale YOU PAY $125
Prepaid course of 5 treatments receive the 6th free Regular Price $875 YOU PAY $625 for the series!

Oxygen Therapy- O2 Infusion
This procedure combines 100 Oxygen Plasma, as well as purified oxygen to cleanse, hydrate & rejuvenate your skin. This O2 treatment will leave you feeling totally invigorated with skin that is radiant, moisturized and youthful.
60 minutes Reg. Price $125 You pay $90! Prepaid course of 5 treatments the 6th is free Reg Price Single/Series $125/ $625 YOU PAY $90 each  /$400 series

The A-Lister O2 Infusion
Align yourself with the Hollywood A-list. The 1st step in your skin’s transformation. Perfect for any skin type. You will
see instant results during this cooling & calming treatment. Your skin will look visibly lifted, more toned & hydrated, making you
look & feel younger.
60 minutes $125 YOU PAY $90 Prepaid course of 5 treatments the 6th is free Reg PRICE $125/ $625 YOU PAY $90 each /$400 for the series of 5 get 1 free!

D-Pigment with O2 Infusion

The Depigmentation Serum gives the benefits of brightening and minimizing discoloration, uneven skin

tone, and any dullness uneven skin tone. It minimizes pigmentation caused by the sun. Your skin will

look and feel brighter, lifted and more luminous.

60 mins $140.00  

You pay $99!

Regular Price Prepaid course of five treatments (and receive the sixth treatment for free) $700.00  Special Sale You pay $495!

MSM O2 Infusion – combines micro current with oxygen

A targeted treatment to smooth the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Firms, lifts and plumps

the appearance of wrinkles caused by facial muscle contractions around the forehead, eye, nasal folds

and lip areas.

60 mins $155 You pay  $110! / Prepaid course of five treatments (and receive the sixth treatment for free) $155/ $775 SPecial SAle $550!



The Duchess Secret Infusion

Kate Middleton set an example for brides everywhere when she shared that Oxygen is the secret to her

radiant skin. She had been receiving oxygen treatments before her wedding to look her best! This

treatment will have your skin infused with oxygen which makes it look supremely plump, hydrated and

glowing. Knutek’s Oxygen Infusion Treatment truly delivers tightening, brightening, and lifting results

with no down time! Want an extra boost of radiance on your special day? Add Red L.E.D Light Therapy

for 20 mins. Add micro-current

60 mins / Prepaid course of five treatments (and receive the sixth treatment for free) $175 each Special SAle $125 each or / Regular Price for series of 5 get 1 free $825 series  Special Sale $625!



Here are some Knutek Before & After Pictures

knutek microcurrent , led and msm 02 serum
Knutek Microcurrent , LED and MSM 02 Serum




Microcurrent/LED Gold Mask…10 minute add on to services for re-education of underlying muscles


Our new Universal Machine with many Bells & Whistles!

14716318_350004145390907_7359839512243993770_nOur Oxygen Machine!

ledLED treatments! ledfacial

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